A gorgeous brown and cream styled real wedding in Bolton

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And the cream colored necklace sounds great, but if you find some red or dark red tights, you might want some accessories that pop in the red scheme.

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Cream And Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

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Brown dress, what colour accessories? December 6, Mefi Fashion Police to the rescue! I am the owner of a great little brown cocktail dress. The colour can best be desrcribed as a medium chocolate-brown that leans ever so slightly to the warm end. It has deep curved-v neck, three quarter sleeves, and comes down to about 2. I have worn this dress before, but always in the summer. Then, I went bare-legged, wore light black dress sandles and accessorized with a cream, oversized chunky graduated-bead necklace.

It looked awesome, IMHO. However, now that it is December in Toronto, I have some issues with revitalizing the look for winter. The rule generally is no black with brown, right? Does this mean I should go bare-legged with a different coloured shoe? If I can't wear black shoes, what colour should I wear? If I can wear the black tights and black shoes with this dress, can I still wear my cream coloured necklace and earrings?

If I wear a different coloured shoe, can I wear the accessories? I tend towards colors, and red tights with the cute black kitten-heeled shoes would be great. I veto the black tights because they just make the whole thing much darker and even though it's winter in Toronto, there's no need to look funereal. Black and brown can go together, but not that much. And the cream colored necklace sounds great, but if you find some red or dark red tights, you might want some accessories that pop in the red scheme.

You'll be darling no matter what you decide on! Brown knee high boots would be cool and you could wear the accessories for sure. You could go with nude tights if necessary for warmth. I'm personally not a fan of opaque black tights with brown dresses. Either a fun deep color tight, or brown tights with a subtle pattern would be my choice if you want the heels.

I love the knee high boot idea too. Could you wear nude-colored stockings instead of black tights? As someone who constantly wears brown and navy! Cream accessories will be fine, no matter what else you wear. Those go with black AND brown clothes. I don't know what your personal style is like, but the first thing I thought was "turquoise tights!! The cream jewelry will work with anything. Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear would say black and brown are ok together because they are both neutrals.

However, I agree that black tights with a brown dress is a bit too heavy and could look frumpy. This would liven things up and nicely accent the brown. Maybe red tights with a chunky turquoise the color, not the stone, unless you already own it necklace, or turquoise tights with a red necklace.

I'd say that light grey, aubergine, or olive opaque tights are worth looking into. Something earthy, but still neutral. As for shoes, while black seems like it might clash a bit, try the kitten heels you have on with it. My hunch is that a smaller black shoe that plays well with the tights won't clash with the brown dress, but it's all about details with that sort of thing. The accessories should be fine, too. But again, what matters isn't the platonic ideal of the color combination, but the items themselves.

Style "rules" might nudge one in the right direction, but they are never hard and fast. I was going to suggest turquoise tights too. I love brown with turquoise together. You could still wear the cream necklace. I'm not sure about shoes though I love black and brown together -- I wouldn't hesitate to go with the black opaque tights and kitten heels, perhaps add a dressy cardigan that is also black and stick with the cream color accessories.

I think adding some black to the top half of your outfit will balance out the black on the bottom. One of my favorite outfits is a black sweater, brown corduroy skirt and black knee boots, for example.

I've been wearing a lot of burgundy, aubergine, rust, and muted teal with browns. I agree that black tights risk looking kinda frumpy and perhaps a bit too casual. Tights from Sock Dreams. I think these tights in the teal color would look amazing. Black shoes would be just fine. If you could find a necklace to match the tights that could look nice too. For winter, nothing fits the season better than cable-knit tights à la childhood. The "Hue" brand makes a nice pair.

Teal and brown are gorgeous. I can't beat the suggestions here, so I just want to add that as a temporary resident of France, fashionable French ladies seem to pair black and brown often enough. This reassured me enough to do the same. I have a brown dress I wear all the time in the winter, and I generally avoid black. I really like pairing it with red or cream. I think it works best as an balanced mix.

Switching out one of those elements would work well so: If you have the black tights and shoes and you think they look great, then please go ahead and wear that combo.

Don't let some silly rule about black and brown stop you. Black, cream or gold accessories will be a conservative set of complements, but you might choose a bolder accent colour in a necklace that also uses brown, gold or cream.

But if you do want more colour in your tights: Why, oh why does winter party season lead to metallics everywhere? The far-right picture, btw, would look good and is essentially what you can do in reverse with a black cardigan.

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